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What to Consider When Choosing a Company for Your Flat Top Trailer Hire

Looking to rent a flat top trailer to perform your freight task and want to land a great deal? A lot of companies out there offer flat top trailers as part of their trailer rental equipment range. However, not all trailer rental services are created equal. Knowing how to find the right company is vital to ensure you get the most out of your trailer rental.

The following tips should help you find the best trailer rental service for your freight job.

Consider the Trailer Size You Need

Trailer rental businesses offer a variety of trailer types and sizes to meet the needs of different users. When you are looking to rent a flat top trailer, it is important that you consider the dimensions of the largest load you will carry.

Once you know the length and width of your biggest load, ask prospective trailer renters what size trailers they have. Narrow down your options to companies that offer trailers that can accommodate the size of that load. A flat deck trailer that is only 6 metres long usually can't be used to transport an item that is 8 metres long. Likewise, a trailer that is only 4 metres wide usually can't be used to transport a load that is 5 metres wide.

The safety and efficiency of a flat top trailer both depend on how well you match your load size to the trailer size.

Consider the Weight Capacity of the Trailer You Need

Aside from the dimensions of the trailer you need, also consider the maximum weight that your trailer should be able to carry. Measure the weight of your heaviest load and then look for a company that offers flat top trailers that match that weight capacity.

You can calculate the maximum weight capacity of your trailer by subtracting the unladen weight of the trailer – the weight of the trailer when empty – from the maximum ATM (aggregate trailer mass) – the weight of the trailer when fully loaded.

Consider Any Extra Trailer Features You Need

Flat top trailers typically don't have sides but you can get a machine with sides if you need one. And, depending on how heavy the items you will be carrying are, you may require a trailer with brakes or without brakes.

Assess the specific needs of your job to determine which extras you may need, then choose a company that can meet your special needs.

Besides the above-discussed points, you should also consider the cost of trailer hire when comparing different companies. The best way to get a great deal is to get quotes from multiple companies and select the one that offers the best value for your cash.