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Why You Should Pay Close Attention to Your Truck's Transmission Fluid

Every vehicle on the road today requires a certain amount of maintenance if it is to be able to perform according to expectations and transport its occupants from point to point. Certain types of vehicles require even more attention, and commercial vehicles need to haul heavy loads or deal with particularly challenging circumstances. It's little surprise, therefore, that the transmissions on these trucks can show signs of trouble from time to time, and while it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact source of the problem, it can often be traced to the lubricating fluid. Why is this?

Different Fluids

Many people mistakenly compare transmission fluid to engine oil, but they are very different in almost every respect. The engine oil will "burn off" during the normal course of operation while the transmission fluid will not, so you should not need to add any of this fluid on a regular basis.

Leak Detection

If you find that your transmission fluid is running low, you will need to ask yourself why this is. Often, it can be due to a leak, and you will need to find out if this is the case and where it is originating from. If the floor beneath your stored vehicle is dirty and may exhibit signs of old oil anyway, then place some newspaper underneath the vehicle overnight.

Colour Coding

You should certainly check the transmission fluid level on your truck on a regular basis, but when you do so, have a good look at its condition. When it is new, transmission fluid is orange or red and has a generally sweet smell. You may not expect to see this condition once it has been used for some time, but if it is dark grey, brown or even black and smells as if it is burning, then this is a sign of internal issues.

Close Analysis

If you look a little more closely at this used oil, you may be able to notice tiny dark flecks within, and this is to be expected in the normal course of business. However, if you can see tiny silvery or metallic specks instead, then this is a sign of significant wear and tear within the gearbox casing, and you will certainly need to consult a diesel mechanic for their advice.

Action Stations

If you pay close attention to the transmission fluid levels and condition as time goes by, then you should get maximum usage out of your vehicle without the risk of breakdown. If you have any questions upon inspection, take the vehicle in for repair as soon as possible.