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Testing a Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle – Tips and Hints for All Learners

A time comes in the year when you want to go for a trip or vacation in the wild. There are many fun activities you can do out there including camping, game driving and hiking. During such times, most people find themselves angry at their cars because they cannot handle the rough-and-tumble of an off-road journey. You need something built specifically for a tough job. Hiring a four-wheel-drive vehicle will solve your problems. These vehicles can overcome the toughest terrains and weather to take wherever you want to go. If you are hiring one for the first time, here are the hints and tips you need during a test drive.

Identify the Four-Wheel Drive Shifters  

You need to start by identifying the buttons and levers that will shift you from standard suspension and handling to a desired four-wheel-drive set-up. Manufacturers make four-wheel-drive vehicles in such a way that the ride quality feels like that of an ordinary vehicle, and you only shift to four-wheel-drive mode when need be. Therefore, you have buttons or levers that enable to shift into four-wheel drive, 4Hi or 4Lo.

Test the Four-Wheel Drive (4Hi) Set-Up

The next and most important thing is to test the four-wheel-drive set-up before you pay for the vehicle. Start by driving the vehicle conventionally and then engage the 4Hi setting. You can do this at any time while the vehicle is moving. In some models, you will hear a pounding sound as you make this shift. The sound should not worry you. It's the vehicle's transfer case shifting the vehicle into four-wheel-drive mode. However, be wary of persistent grinding noise. It is a sign of a damaged four-wheel-drive system, and that vehicle is likely to be a bad hire.

Turn the vehicle from one side to the other as you drive slowly. If the surface is wet, an efficient four-wheel-drive system will hold firm, and you will experience negligible skidding. If you are on a dry paved road, the tyres will hold more firmly onto the road as you try to turn from one side to the other.

Test the 4Lo Set-Up

The four-wheel-drive 4Lo set-up enables you to drive over steep hills and rough terrains. Stop the vehicle and engage the 4Lo setting using your lever or button. Listen carefully for any noises mentioned previously to rule out any underlying problems. For safety reasons, most vehicles will not move at more than ten kilometres per hour in this setting. It should not be a cause for any concern.

To learn more, reach out to a 4WD fleet hire company.