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3 Essential Negotiation Tips for Buying a Used Car

In the current economy, it is better to buy a pre-owned car rather than purchase a new one, especially if you are cash strapped. However, it does not mean that you should buy a used car at the listed price. In fact, dealers often give room for haggling when setting up prices for used vehicles. However, you should know how to negotiate a reasonable price for a used car to get value for money. Therefore, this article highlights negotiation tips for buying a used car.   

Keep Info to Yourself and Find Out More -- Think about it, when an average used car buyer approaches a salesperson, the buyer begins to divulge vital information immediately. For instance, used car buyers tell a salesperson how much they are willing to pay for a vehicle, which type of car they want to trade in and the exact kind of car they want to buy. All the while, the salesperson doesn't divulge any information to the buyer. It is a strategy that is common in the used car business because salespeople understand the value of information. Therefore, the seller always comes out with a better deal because they know the value of information. To get a great deal, hold your cards close to your chest. Do not tell the dealer exactly what you want or how much you are willing to spend. Additionally, find out more information about the car you want to buy since it gives you a chance to negotiate a better deal. 

Buy Cars that are Two Years Old or More -- When buying a used car, buyers want one that still looks mint. Therefore, paying close attention to the age of a vehicle is essential. Before used car dealers place a vehicle on the lot for sale, they make any necessary retouches to make the car look presentable. Notably, used car aesthetics are usually taken care of by the dealers. Therefore, it is okay to ask a salesperson to show you vehicles that are more than two years old. It is because the value of a new car falls by about a third of its original price after one year. That is a decent bargain if you ask anyone. 

Take Good Care of Trade-in Car -- Trading in your used car for another often looks like a good deal. However, ensure that you keep your used car in excellent condition to get a good deal. Moreover, know your car's current market value before trading it in. Once you have the information, ask for the wholesale price or anything close to that. 

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